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My name is Dawn Cooper and I am a Senior & Family Portrait  Photographer based in Northern California.  Here is where you can catch my most recent work and little musings. Thank you so much for stopping by!



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Glimpses | {Week 8}

This week’s images come from Grandma and Grandpa Cooper’s ranch. As soon as we arrived at their house the other day, all the kids ran straight to the barn and immediately started sweeping hay, and shoveling horse manure. I don’t know what magic their Grandma has worked to get them trained like this..but I sure need some of it for here at our house! 🙂  I loved this first image of my  timid 7 year old feeding this gorgeous horse. I noticed my 4 year old having a staring contest with him a little later!  It always occurs to me how fortunate my kids are to have these amazing grandparents so close by. A great big backyard for them to run around in for hours, lots of horses (and a cute pony!) to feed and clean up after, and well, sometimes ride. It is a kids’ paradise over there! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for sharing it all with us so generously! At the end of the day we have dirty and exhausted kids, but it sure warms my heart!  xoxo

To see more fun images from the Glimpses Week 8 project, click HERE.


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  1. Sharon Jacobs says:

    Sweet pictures.

  2. Marian Rosenthal says:

    I love the colors!!! Pretty!

  3. Nitny says:

    How sweet Dawn! Love it!

  4. Zippora says:

    Beautiful – to someone like me, these look like they were taken out of a movie! 🙂

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